I am drawn to watercolor because of the loose, airy and transparent layers of color. Each stroke seems to be placed without precision or elaborate planning. My second passion is photography. Daily inspiration comes from my daughter, our animals and the beauty of nature that surrounds us in Nebraska.

I grew up on a ranch in the north central part of the state with miles of open pasture. As a child, I loved riding and being outdoors and spent all of my time inside drawing horses.

A special high school art instructor, Mrs. Erickson, encouraged me to pursue a career in art after winning a regional competition. I attended the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver majoring in Commercial Art.

In 1988, I created Art Cottage, Inc., a website development company that has allowed me to work at home and spend time with my daughter. Now that she is older, I am drawn back to creating art as an expression of my true passion.

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